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Theatre Mode
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Piece together a business empire in! Can you whip your factories into shape in this unique and complex simulation game?

You’ll be taking control of a company that makes a variety of shapes in this .io game. Some are simple, while others are pretty complex. You’ll need to build conveyor belts, keep adding upgrades, and accomplish different goals.

How to Play is a building game that involves constructing factories to create the automation of various types of shapes ranging from simple circles to more complicated ones. Will your new business become a big success?

Game Controls


  • PRESS W, A, S, D to move around the map.


  • LEFT CLICK to press buttons, begin construction, and more.
  • PRESS CTRL AND LEFT CLICK to select an area.
  • LEFT CLICK, HOLD, AND DRAG to move around the map.

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Who Developed was created by Tobias Springer IT Solutions.