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Goodgame Empire

Welcome to a medieval kingdom full of adventure, but wait! You’ll be ruling it instead of running into the wilderness to fight dragons. Take a seat on the throne and find out if you’ve got what it takes to become a truly legendary ruler in Goodgame Empire

Your goal in this multiplayer strategy game? To turn your kingdom into a powerful empire, of course! You’ll need to smartly manage your resources while you decide how to protect it from invaders in this city-building game. Will your defences hold up against all who dare threaten your castles and villages? 

How to play Goodgame Empire? 

In Goodgame Empire, you’ll be ruling over a fledgling medieval kingdom. Protect your villages while you steadily increase the strength of your castles and fortresses in this action game. You’ll also need to attempt to expand your borders and turn your kingdom into a mighty empire. 

Game controls 

  • USE THE MOUSE to select, items, units, etc. 
  • LEFT CLICK to use them.


  • Master a unique battle system while you lead your knights into combat.
  • Customize your castles with decorations and other features. 
  • Build over 60 awesome structures while you struggle to fortify and defend your kingdom. 
  • Join thrilling in-game events. 
  • Train your novice warriors. In time, they’ll become skilled archers and knights. 
  • Declare war on other players or form alliances with them. 

What are the Tips and Tricks for Goodgame Empire?

  • Would you prefer it if your neighbours didn’t attack your kingdom? Well, then form alliances with them to keep the peace! 
  • Developing new technologies will help you stay a few steps ahead of your rivals. Build a researchers’ tower as soon as you can. 
  • Each type of building can only be constructed four times before they steadily begin offering less production capacity. Keep this in mind while you grow your kingdom. 
  • Keep your kingdom well supplied with raw materials. Woodcutters and farmhouses will help you with this task. 

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Who Developed Goodgame Empire?

Goodgame Studios created Goodgame Empire along with other impressive MMO games including Goodgame Big Farm and Legends of Honors.