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Forge of Empires

Your journey in Forge of Empires begins at the dawn of time! Will you be able to lead a tiny settlement into the distant future and beyond in this epic war game

Gain new technologies, construct impressive buildings, and defend your empire at all costs. You’ll be going up against some of the most skilled gamers in the world. They’ll either aid your efforts or thwart them with their mighty armies. Join forces with their empires or declare war on them in this intense and awesome strategy game

How to play Forge of Empires? 

Can you lead your citizens to a bright, new tomorrow in this city building game? They’ll begin as prehistoric dwellers in the Stone Age, but your leadership can help subsequent generations gradually become futuristic warriors, engineers, and more. 

Game controls 

  • USE THE MOUSE to begin projects, choose items, and more. 
  • LEFT CLICK to make decisions and select various tools. 


  • Help your empire grow with clever military decisions and other tactics. 
  • Expand your borders and develop your empire by discovering new territories. 
  • Become allies or trading partners with your neighbours. 
  • Gain new technologies, buildings, and more that will fuel your empire. 
  • Enjoy unique events and expansions that include guilds, cool themes, and various challenges. 
  • Unlock and use famous buildings like the Tower of Babel. 
  • Team up with legendary historical figures like Genghis Kahn in the Questline. 

What are the Tips and Tricks for Forge of Empires?

  • Hang on to your Forge Points and use them at just the right moments. 
  • Increase productivity by polishing your monuments and buildings. 
  • You can give your citizens’ happiness a boost with buildings like museums and theaters. 

Additional tips and tricks can be found on the Forge of Empires wiki site that was created over on Fandom and is currently being hosted there. 

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Who Developed Forge of Empires?

InnoGames created Forge of Empires in addition to other cool games like God Kings and Elvenar.

Can I Play Forge of Empires on mobile?

Yes, Forge of Empires is available via Google Play and the Apple App Store