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Popular Online Stickman Games

While they’re made out of mere sticks, these guys are tremendously brave and remarkably resilient! Join them for a series of awesome adventures in our cool collection of Stickman games

They love to perform stunts, go on thrilling missions, and much more! Tag along with them while they try to avoid dangerous traps and huge gaps in our running games. They’ll need to dodge everything from gigantic saw blades to electrical hazards capable of frying them to a crisp! 

What are the Newest Stickman Games?

There’s also awesome fighting games as well. Team up with a fearless stickman while he takes on his rivals and attempts to make it to the top of a thrilling tournament. You can even dive into the middle of an epic battle while they wage war on their adversaries or go behind enemy lines. There’s no end to the excitement in these free online games!