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Vex 3 - Play Vex 3 at Games.co.uk

Keep moving and don’t look back in Vex 3! Vex is about to enter another series of deadly obstacle courses that could tear him to pieces! 

Can you keep him safe in this addictive and completely captivating stickman game? Join him while he jumps over spinning saw blades and clings to walls as he makes his way to the checkpoints and tries to reach the portals at the end of every intense act. 

He’ll even need to dive and swim through deep pools of water filled with all sorts of hazards in this platform game. If you can keep Vex in one piece, you’ll win a few awesome trophies! 

How to Play Vex 3? 

The goal of Vex 3 is to, well, keep Vex alive for as long as possible while he races through a dangerous series of obstacle courses. Can you help him reach the portals at the end of each act? 

Game Controls 

  • PRESS UP to jump.
  • PRESS LEFT to run left. 
  • PRESS RIGHT to run right.  
  • PRESS DOWN to slide while running. 

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Who Developed Vex 3? 

Vex 3 was designed by Kizi Games. 

Can I Play Vex 3 on Mobile? 

Yes! It’s available on Google Play!

Need help? watch our Walkthrough for this game.

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