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  • Harvest Honors
    Harvest Honors
    Played 233754 times

    This strategic multiplayer match-three game is fertile ground for cultivating your competitive spirit!

  • Pyramid Solitaire Duel
    Pyramid Solitaire Duel
    Played 76461 times

    Make 13 your lucky number by mastering these tricky card pyramids!

  • qplay Domino
    qplay Domino
    Played 114999 times

    Do you dare dive into the addictive world of dominoes?

  • Bubble Machine
    Bubble Machine
    Played 105917 times

    In this exciting competition you have to eliminate coloured bubbles with your bubble canon.

  • Crystical
    Played 74331 times

    Get crazy with this crystal-switching competition!

  • Sevenventure
    Played 102549 times

    It's a level playing field when all the players have the same lucky number, so have you got the extra edge!?

  • Backgammon
    Played 207865 times

    Welcome to the world of Backgammon. This classic board game really springs to life in this exciting and challenging online version. Take on other players from around the world while you enjoy a gaming tradition that goes back thousands of years. The first versions of Backgammon were played in Ancient Mesopotamia about 5,000 years ago, believe it or not!

    Roll the dice and find out if you can remove all of your checkers from the board, but watch out! You might find yourself playing against some true Backgammon masters! Try to earn a high ranking by winning lots of matches and you might make it to the top of the leaderboard in this multiplayer game.

    How to Play Backgammon

    Backgammon rules are simple. Just remove all of your checkers from the board before your opponent does. Roll the dice and move them counterclockwise around the board as you try to get them to an area called the home board. That’s where they can be taken away.

    Game Controls

    • USE THE MOUSE to look for checkers to move.
    • LEFT CLICK to roll the dice and move checkers.


    • Classic rules and gameplay.
    • A ranking system that will track your progress.
    • A leaderboard that lists the top players.
    • Missions that can earn you new titles.

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    About the Game Developer

    Backgammon was made by qPlay Games.

  • 5-Dice
    Played 66018 times

    Throw the dice and try to make better score-combinations than your opponent.

  • Cold Fusion
    Cold Fusion
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    Have you got what it takes to defeat your opponent strategically in this plasma fusion experiment?

  • 8-Ball
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    Play online billards against other players. Get all your balls in the pockets before your opponent does.

  • Mystic Mahjong
    Mystic Mahjong
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  • Magical Solitaire
    Magical Solitaire
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  • SevenSumUp
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  • Bloppy
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    Match your puzzle skills against other online players and see who can create the biggest Bloppy!

  • Qing Pang
    Qing Pang
    Played 1651 times

    May the best adventurer win...

  • Diamonds Multiplayer
    Diamonds Multiplayer
    Played 717 times

    Out-mine your opponent with some quick diamond shuffling!

  • Bubble Laguna
    Bubble Laguna
    Played 5683 times

    Go head-to-head in this bubble-shooting battle!

  • 9-Ball
    Played 39075 times

    Forget luck; the only way to win this game of billiards is skill!

  • BomberPengu
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  • Gems of Olympus
    Gems of Olympus
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  • Pony Wood
    Pony Wood
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