.io Games

.io games really pack a punch! How long will you last once you go up against other players from around the world? All the top .io games are waiting for you right here at games.co.uk! 

Each of these awesome games consists of a real-time battle or tournament that never ends. Slither.io is just one of them. Join forces with a truly rad reptile while it tries to outwit its opponents. Wormate.io is a similar game that lets you control a worm with an endless appetite for cakes and other desserts. 

Hole.io lets you play as a mysterious portal determined to gobble up an entire city. You can show off your drawing skills in Skribbl.io, but will you figure out the other gamers’ doodles? Defend your turf in Superhex.io or chow down on lots of pellets in Wormax.io.

You’ll need to collect resources as fast as you can in Zombs.io. An army of zombies will show up mere seconds after sunset in that intense .io game! How much of the board can you seize while you try to cut off your adversaries in Paper.io 2

You don’t always have to compete against the other players, though. Team up with a few of them in the awesome tank battles waiting for you in Diep.io. These thrilling .io games can really be addictive. Find out if you can reach the top of the leaderboard in one or all of them!