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It’s time for a real feeding frenzy! Can you become the biggest and baddest invertebrate in the battle arena while you play Worms.Zone?

You’ll be challenging players from all across the globe while you attempt to turn your worm from a tiny pipsqueak into a powerful goliath. Gobble up as much yummy food as you can while you dodge your opponents in this worms game. There’s tons of delicious pies, sandwiches, and much more that will help your worm really pack on the pounds!

How to Play Worms.Zone?

The goal of Worms.Zone is to help your worm survive for as long as possible while it avoids the other worms. If it crashes into one, it will explode!

Game Controls


  • USE THE MOUSE to direct your worm.
  • LEFT CLICK to make it speed up.


  • USE THE MOUSE to direct your worm.
  • LEFT CLICK to make it speed up.


  • Cool power-ups. The magic potions will definitely give your worm a boost!
  • Awesome skins, colors, and faces that will help you customize your worm.
  • A leaderboard that will really challenge your skills. Can you reach the top?
  • Interesting statistics that will help you track your score and your worm’s weight.

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Who Developed Worms.Zone?

Worms.Zone was created by Wild Spike.