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Tank Trouble 2

The enemy could be lurking just around the corner! Destroy their vehicle before they can even pull the trigger in theirs in Tank Trouble 2!

There’s definitely some trouble brewing in the maze that awaits you in this retro tank game! Challenge the computer or wage war on up to four other players in an epic fight to the finish. You’ll be able to customise your tank with cool colors and modifty its controls before you head into battle. A word of warning, though! Your artillery shells will bounce right off the walls and so will those of your opponents! 

How to play Tank Trouble 2? 

Tank Trouble is an aim & shoot game that will put you in the middle of a duel against up to four opponents. Drive your tank through the maze and hunt them down as fast as you can. 

Game controls 

  • PRESS THE ARROWS to direct your tank.
  •  PRESS M to launch a shell. 

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Who developed Tank Trouble 2? 

Mads Purup designed Tank Trouble 2. 

Can I play Tank Trouble 2 on mobile? 

Definitely! It’s currently available on the Apple App Store