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Capybara Evolution: Clicker

Capybara Evolution: Clicker is an incremental game in which you gather more and more capybaras by clicking and unlocking upgrades. Increase your capybara population and collect funny new skins to change your capybara’s look.

How to play Capybara Evolution: Clicker?

Start multiplying your capybaras by clicking. You’ll gather capybaras much faster once you’ve clicked enough to start unlocking upgrades. There are two types: clicking upgrades and idle upgrades.

Clicking upgrades cause the number of capybaras you collect with each click to boom. Idle upgrades will rapidly grow the number of capybaras you collect per second without doing a thing.

Tap the passing golden capybara to collect extra cash. 

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Who created Capybara Evolution: Clicker?

Capybara Evolution: Clicker was created by LeadToChanges L.L.C-FZ. 

When was Capybara Evolution: Clicker first released?

This game was first released on June 7, 2024.