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Action Games

Free Action Games Online

It’s time to head into battle in our awesome collection of action games. Your enemies are hot on your tail, and they’ll be coming at you with everything from swords to machine guns. Fight back with everything you’ve got in these popular free games. There will be plenty of firearms at your disposal, but you’ll also get to put up your dukes. Pummel your opponents with your fists and a few kicks in the Fighting games. They won’t know what hit them as you challenge them everywhere from blood-soaked arenas to the rooftops of skyscrapers.

What are the Best Action Games on Mobile?

Our 3D games will send you behind enemy lines where your only allies will be your wits, a few weapons, and a limited supply of ammo. You’ll have to choose your targets carefully and conserve your supplies. There’s also plenty of amazing adventure games here as well. You can explore exotic locales, go in search of ancient treasures, and even travel through time! You might even get the opportunity to team up with a very hungry dinosaur before it goes on a rampage through a metropolis in these exciting, and totally free, online games.