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Online Fighting Games

Supervillains to the left of you and heavyweight boxers to the right. It’s time to show them all who’s boss in our action-packing fighting games! Join forces with a famous superhero, a legendary manga character, a wrestler, or even a futuristic battle bot in these free to play games. Step into a boxing ring for a few rounds of fisticuffs or take on an entire army of relentless baddies. You can even team up with a friend or challenge them in our multiplayer games. If all of this sounds a little too intense, you can always try our kids games instead! 

What are the Best Fighting Games on Mobile?

What are the Newest Fighting Games?

The action never stops in these free online games. Clean up the streets of a crime-ridden metropolis with your two fists (and feet) before you tag along with a kung fu master determined to rescue his girlfriend from a gang of notoriously nefarious ninjas! You’ll even find snipers and gladiators waiting for you in these awesome fighting games.