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This arena is full of the world’s greatest heroes and they’re all ready to rumble! Join them for an epic battle royale in

Team up with a fearless superhero as they go in search of power pellets that will help them evolve into an even greater one. You’ll be able to transform into characters inspired by many of your favourites from the Marvel and DC universes in this .io game

Attack your opponents with boomerangs once you become a truly dark knight or hit them with webbing after you put on the jumpsuit of a certain webslinger who often blasts over the streets of New York City! Who else’s shoes or cape will you wind up in while you play this awesome superhero game? There’s also coins to collect and other heroes to unlock between battles. 

How to play is an online action game. You’ll start out as a superhero with meager abilities who can evolve into a better one by consuming power pellets scattered around the arena. You can give them a huge boost by knocking other heroes out of the game with a variety of awesome weapons. 

Game controls 

  • USE THE MOUSE to guide your superhero. 
  • LEFT CLICK to use their weapon. 
  • RIGHT CLICK to speed up. 

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