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Best Mahjong Games online

How fast can you match up the tiles in our collection of challenging Mahjong games? Players all around the world have grown to love this classic board game. It was developed in China during the Qing Dynasty and started becoming really popular elsewhere in the 20th century. Now it’s played everywhere from Alaska to Antarctica! 

What are the Best Mahjong Games?

  1. Mahjong Connect Classic
  2. MahJongCon
  3. Mahjong Dimensions: 350 Seconds
  4. Candy Mahjong
  5. Kris Mahjong: Classic
  6. Mahjong Dimensions: 900 Seconds
  7. Mahjongg Alchemy
  8. Mahjong Link
  9. Patterns Link
  10. Butterfly Kyodai

What are the Newest Mahjong Games?

  1. Mahjong Christmas Holiday
  2. Mahjong Seasons 2 - Autumn and Winter
  3. Solitaire Mahjong Candy 2
  4. Halloween Tiles Mahjong
  5. Mahjong Holiday

Gamers of all ages and skill levels regularly play this puzzle game. The rules are fairly simple, but they could take a lifetime to completely master. The goal in most versions of Mahjong is to remove each tile on the board after connecting it to an identical tile. All of them have a symbol or a drawing that links them to one or several other tiles. 

What are the Best Mahjong Games on Mobile?

  1. Mahjong Connect Classic
  2. Kris Mahjong: Classic
  3. MahJongCon
  4. Mahjong Dimensions: 350 Seconds
  5. Candy Mahjong

Many of our online versions of Mahjong also feature different rules, challenges, and even countdown clocks that will really keep you on the edge of your seat. If you enjoy board games, solitaire games, or card games, you should really try Mahjong. It’s one of the best and most popular free games on the web!