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Mahjong Sweet Connection

So much candy, so little time! How much of it can you match up in Mahjong Sweet Connection?

You'll need to connect the tiles as quickly as you can in every super sweet level. There's bonbons, jelly beans, mints, and other types of candy that all need to be connected to a candy of the same type. Will you get a high-score while you race against the clock in each level in this Mahjong game?

How to Play Mahjong Sweet Connection?

Mahjong Sweet Connection is a candy-themed version of the classic board game. Connect all of the tiles as fast as possible in each level. You’ll only get a certain amount of time to complete them.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to look for identical pieces of candy.
  • LEFT CLICK both to connect and remove them from the board.

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Who Developed Mahjong Sweet Connection?

Mahjong Sweet Connection was created by TapLab Games.