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Boxing Stars

Get ready to rumble in Boxing Stars. Have you got what it takes to become a champ in this thrilling boxing game?

Put on your gloves because your new career is about to begin. You’ll need to have the eye of the tiger in this sports game because you'll be going up against some of the toughest boxers on the planet!

Customize your fighter before you step into the ring for your first match in an underground boxing league. Will you be able to fight your way up the ranks and eventually join the championship circuit?

How to Play Boxing Stars?

Put up your dukes in this fighting game as you try to win matches and earn cash for additional training that will help you improve your abilities. It's time to find out if you can become the next champion of the world!

Game Controls

  • PRESS THE ARROWS to move.
  • PRESS D to use a knockback punch. 
  • PRESS S to block.
  • PRESS A to use a knockdown punch.

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Who Developed Boxing Stars?

Boxing Stars was created by Inlogic Software.