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AZ Tank Game

It's hunt or be hunted in AZ! Find out how long you can keep your tank in one piece!

You can challenge up to three other players in this retro tank game. Jump behind the controls of one of these powerful military vehicles and try to destroy your enemies as fast as you can. Quickly zoom through the maze and get ready for a battle to break out at any second.

Just a quick word of warning: your tank’s shells will bounce off the walls! You can use this to your advantage, but be careful. They could ricochet right back at your tank and blast it to bits!

How to Play AZ?

AZ is an intense aim and shoot game. Play against up to three other gamers as you explore the maze and attempt to destroy their tanks.

Game Controls

  • USE THE ARROWS to move.
  • PRESS M to shoot.

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Who Developed AZ?

AZ was created by the game production studio Twoplayers.