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Gun Blood

Each one of these outlaws would love to plug you full of bullets. Are you going to let them? Of course not! Fight back in Gunblood

Eliminate the outlaws, one by one, in this action shooting game. You’ll be participating in a series of deadly duels. You’ll need to take them down with your pistol before they start shooting theirs. Will you survive each one of these intense challenges while you proudly demonstrate your virtual shooting skills in this gun game

How to play Gunblood? 

Can you kill each one of the outlaws in this cowboy game? Wait for the countdown to finish before you reach for your pistol. You’ll only get a few seconds and a limited number of bullets so you’ll have to shoot fast! 

Game controls 

  • USE THE MOUSE to aim. 
  • LEFT CLICK to pull the trigger. 

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Is Gunblood available to play on mobile? 

Yes, it’s available via Google Play