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Gunblood Remastered

Being a gunslinger isn’t easy. In fact, it can be just a little bit dangerous, as you might have heard! Will you be able to eliminate the outlaws in Gunblood: Remastered

They’re all quick on the trigger, and they won’t hesitate to send you to an early grave in this exciting cowboy game. Wipe them out, one by one, while you prove that you're the fastest gun in the west! You can also show off your virtual shooting skills in a series of challenging bonus rounds. Just be sure to shoot the bottles and not your assistant in this gun game

How to play Gunblood: Remastered? 

Gunblood: Remastered is an action shooting game. Your goal is to kill the outlaw waiting for you in each level. Just be sure to wait until the countdown ends before you remove your gun from its holster. 

Game controls 

  • USE THE MOUSE to aim. 
  • LEFT CLICK to shoot. 

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