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Solitaire Home Story

Solitaire Home Story is a beautifully designed Tripeaks card game with a charming storyline packed with fun characters. Unlock new chapters of the narrative. Sort the playing cards and help Alice renovate her elderly father’s home.

The Story: Help Alice Find Love and Save her Childhood Home!

When Alice returns to her hometown to visit her father, she finds his charming old house in a terrible state of disrepair. Worse still, her dad has taken out a huge loan with the town’s greedy mayor. If he can’t repay the money soon, the mayor will seize the family home!

Alice’s only hope is to enter a home renovation competition and win first prize. But first, she’ll need to make the crumbling homestead safe enough to live in, and convince the judges to let her join the competition at all.

Meanwhile, Alice’s freeloading fiancé is exhausting her patience (and her credit card)! And things get even more complicated when a former crush unexpectedly turns up on her doorstep…

How to play Solitaire Home Story?

Complete the card sorting puzzles to earn stars. You can use these to help Alice renovate the house bit by bit, and unlock new chapters of the story along with new areas to repair and redecorate.

Move the face-up cards to the discard stack to clear the deck. You can only remove cards that are one point higher or lower in value than the last card added to the pile.

If you cannot match any more cards, you can draw a new one from your stockpile. The number of cards in your stockpile is limited though, so try to find the best matches for each card you draw.

This game features lots of fun twists, including locked cards, card generators, jokers, and character cards that trigger bonuses (Alice’s allies) and penalties (bad guys like the mayor).

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Who created Solitaire Home Story?

Solitaire Home Story was created by Softgames.

When was Solitaire Home Story first released?

This game was first released on June 24, 2024.