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Supremacy 1914

Step back in time to join an epic conflict in Supremacy 1914. You’ll be heading into battle as World War 1 rages all across Europe. 

Take on other players from around the planet in this multiplayer strategy game. You can fight for the nations of North America or head closer to the centre of the war to defend the borders of one of Europe’s mightiest nations. Will you be able to lead yours to victory? 

Manage resources while you monitor each one of your provinces in addition to any conquered territories. You can direct your armies to attack your enemies on land, in the sea, and in the air during real-time battles. Will you be able to dominate the entire map and lay waste to your opponents? 

How to play Supremacy 1914? 

Supremacy 1914 is a war game that enables players to take control of a nation immersed in World War 1. The goal is to defeat their opponents while they construct military units, manage resources, and more.  

Game controls 

  • USE THE MOUSE while you monitor the map, direct your units, and more. 
  • LEFT CLICK to select units and items, make decisions, and more.


  • Develop your strategic skills by participating in challenging scenarios.
  • Declare war on other players or form powerful alliances with them. 
  • Launch research projects to develop new units and technologies. 
  • Attack or cooperate with up to 500 opponents during each campaign. 
  • Rise up the ranks to join even more intense campaigns. 

What are the tips and tricks for Supremacy 1914? 

  • Develop your rail network to move your units faster and help keep your nation’s borders intact. 
  • Form alliances with your neighbours early in the game to increase your chances of survival. 
  • Ports are incredibly valuable. Protect your own while you attempt to destroy those belonging to your enemies. 
  • The Daily European can be a powerful source of both useful information and destructive propaganda. Can you use it to deceive your enemies?

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Who Developed Supremacy 1914? 

Bytro Labs, a gaming company based in Germany, created Supremacy 1914. 

Can I play Supremacy 1914 on mobile?

The app version of Supremacy 1914 is available to download from Google Play.