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Free Online War Games

The borders of entire nations are waiting for you to defend them in the War and Strategy Games at! Manage your resources, send your forces into battle, and much more!

Put your skills to the ultimate test in a variety of strategy games that will catapult you behind enemy lines in Medieval Europe, the distant future, and additional eras. You can take charge of brave knights, legions of tanks, stealth bombers, or even robotic warriors. You’ll get to decide where and when you’ll be waging war! 

What are the Newest War Games?

You can change the course of history in our amazing collection of multiplayer games that will transport you into the middle of World War 1 and other global conflicts. There’s also tons of vehicles that will aid or hinder your ambitions in the battle games. Will you triumph over your enemies while you take on other players from all across the globe or will your efforts all amount to nothing as they rampage across your territory? It’s time to find out!