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Conflict Of Nations

War has engulfed the entire planet! Which country will you defend and attempt to lead to victory in Conflict of Nations

Send modern military units to the front lines and dive into real-time battles against opponents from all across the globe as you find yourself smack dab in the middle of World War 3! You can bombard your enemies with platoons, aircraft carriers, and even the occasional stealth bomber. Will you fight for America, Great Britain, or another nation in this thrilling multiplayer strategy game

You’ll be facing threats from both abroad and within your own borders. Defend your nation from outside invaders while you contend with separatists movements closer to home. The excitement never ends in this action game, but be prepared for a long campaign. Each one could take place over several days or even weeks! 

How to play Conflict of Nations? 

Conflict of Nations is a thrilling army game. Take the helm of a nation engaged in World War 3. You’ll need to protect its borders while you invade other nations, develop new types of technology, and more. 

Game controls 

  • USE THE MOUSE while you monitor your units, observe the map, and more. 
  • LEFT CLICK to select units, move them, and much more. 


  • Several dozen powerful weapons and military units. 
  • Rewards that follow each victory. 
  • Thrilling, real-time combat. 
  • Research projects that will help you achieve your goals. 
  • Regular updates that include new maps and military units. 

What are the tips and tricks for Conflict of Nations? 

  • Log in once a day to participate in battles, begin research projects, and stay on top of the latest developments in your campaign. 
  • You can boost morale by recapturing lost cities or invading those of your enemies. 
  • Don’t rush to expand or spread your units too widely. You’ll stretch your resources too thin. 
  • Keep tabs on the morale system to keep tabs on what your citizens really think. 
  • Airports are an excellent way to transport your units. Be sure to build several of them. 

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Who developed Conflict of Nations? 

Dorado Games created Conflict of Nations: World War 3. 

Game controls

How to Play Conflict Of Nations


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