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Kitty Cats

Can you keep up with the totally adorable felines in Kitty Cats? They're looking for someone to take care of them in this really cute cat game.

These cats are really adorable, but they need a few pointers. You’ll need to guide them toward their food and water bowls as well as the nearest litter box in this caring game. There's also a few cool toys for them to try. Find out what happens when you click on the wind-up mouse, but don't get too upset if they're more interested in a sneaker or a cardboard box!

How to Play Kitty Cats?

Kitty Cats is a really cute pet game where you’ll get to look after one of several young cats. Make sure they eat plenty of food and drink enough water when they're not bouncing in and out of a cardboard box or chasing a wind-up mouse around the living room.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to guide the cat toward food, toys, and more.

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Who Developed Kitty Cats?

Kitty Cats was created by Xform.