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Rail Slide

How far will you make it in Rail Slide?

You’ll be teaming up with a fearless gymnast in this addictive 3D platform game. He’ll be carrying a long pole that will help him slide across a series of bars that stretch over some huge gaps. Unfortunately, the pole is not very well built.

The obstacle courses he’ll be running through are full of saw blades that are bound to keep slicing chunks off it, too! You’ll need to keep adding extra pieces to the pole during the gymnast’s exciting journey. There's also coins to collect that you can trade in for other awesome characters.

How to Play Rail Slide?

Rail Slide is a challenging collect and run game. Help the gymnast avoid the hazards as he races toward a finish line in each level. He’ll need to keep adding pieces to his pole in order to get across some wide gaps and earn tons of bonus points along the way.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK AND HOLD to take control of the gymnast.
  • SLIDE THE MOUSE LEFT to run left.
  • SLIDE THE MOUSE RIGHT to run right.

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Who Developed Rail Slide?

Rail Slide was created by BPTop.