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Impostor: Archer War

Head back to the cosmos in Impostor: Archer War! Will you survive a series of epic duels in this sci-fi game?

Team up with a fearless archer as he attempts to defeat all of his enemies on this starship. The only weapons on board seem to be old-fashioned bows, but there’s plenty of futuristic arrows lying around! Attack his opponents with ones that can explode, creature miniature hills, and more in this thrilling installment of the popular Impostor series!

How to Play Impostor: Archer War?

Use a bow to eliminate a series of enemies in this action game. Be sure to keep an eye on your health meter during each duel. There's also coins to collect that you can trade in for upgrades.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK ON THE BUTTONS to make your archer move backward and forward.

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Who Developed Impostor: Archer War?

Impostor: Archer War was created by