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Impostor: Crazy Shooter

You’d have to be downright insane to take on an entire army. Nevertheless, that’s what this mysterious warrior from another galaxy is about to do in Impostor: Crazy Shooter.

If he looks a little familiar, that’s because he was inspired by one of the famous intergalactic crew members featured in Among Us, the popular mobile game. Join this ferocious alien for an adventure that's a little more down to earth in this shooting game. Help him eliminate his enemies and purchase better weapons and armor between levels.

How to Play Impostor: Crazy Shooter?

Impostor: Crazy Shooter is an action game where you’ll join an alien during his mission to take down as many sharpshooters as possible in a neighboring building. Collect daily bonuses and jewels that you can trade in for upgrades.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to aim your weapon.
  • LEFT CLICK to shoot.

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Who Developed Impostor: Crazy Shooter? 

Impostor: Crazy Shooter was created by YAD.Com.