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How long will you be able to stay on the iceberg in Snowball.io? Challenge other players from around the world while you try to avoid falling into the ocean! 

You’ll be operating a cute robot in this .io game. Try to build the biggest snowball that you can while you roll around on a group of frosty icebergs. They've got plenty of snow that you can use to defeat your opponents. 

Fling the snowballs at the other robots or just bump into them. Will you be able to win each match while you play this awesome snow game? There’s also cool skins that you can collect to decorate your robot. Just watch out! These icebergs aren't stable and parts of them are liable to fall into the sea at any moment. 

How to play Snowball.io? 

Snowball.io is an exciting online game that will let you compete against other players in an epic battle to take control of a few icebergs. Your goal is to knock all of them into the water while collecting snow to make gigantic snowballs. 

Game controls 

  • USE THE MOUSE to direct your robot and collect snow. 
  • LEFT CLICK to launch a snowball. 

Similar games 

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  1. Snowheroes.io
  2. Hole.io
  3. Paper.io 2

Who developed Snowball.io? 

Snowball.io was created by Yello Games LTD.

Can I play Snowball.io on mobile? 

Absolutely! It’s currently available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Game controls

How to Play Snowball.io


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