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Theatre Mode
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This iceberg certainly is slippery! How long will you be able to stay on it in

You’ll be taking control of an adorable robot in this challenging .io game. Do what you can to avoid falling into the ocean while you try to knock the other players into the frosty water with a gigantic snowball.

You can also bump into your opponents. The last robot on the iceberg will win each match in this snow .io game. You can make your robot even cooler by collecting awesome skins that will help it strike fear into the hearts of all those who would love to send it to the bottom of the ocean.

How to Play is a fun fighting game that will let you compete against other players in an epic battle to take control of an iceberg. Your goal is to knock all of them into the ocean with snowballs or by bumping into them.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to direct your robot and collect snow.
  • LEFT CLICK to launch a snowball.

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Who Developed was created by Yello Games LTD.