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This ain’t no winter wonderland! Will you be able to avoid a total meltdown in

Take control of a snowman before you dive into an epic fight to the finish. Will you be able to outlast dozens of other players from around the world in this survival game? Gobble up the glowing orbs as fast as you can to increase your mass while you try to dodge the other snowmen. You'll also need to avoid the walls, rocks, and other hazards. They can turn even the mightiest of snow heroes into a total snow zero!

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Game Controls 

  • USE YOUR MOUSE to move your snowman in various directions. 
  • LEFT CLICK to speed up. 
  • RIGHT CLICK to jump. 

Tips and Tricks 

  • Focus on collecting the orbs while your snowman is still small. You’ll want him to grow as big as possible as quickly as possible. 
  • Killing other snowman will earn you more mass than the orbs, especially if they're jumbo-sized!
  • Jumping will help you escape from your enemies (or crush them), but each jump will cost you a bit of mass when you hit the ground. 

About the Game Developer was made by Night Steed, a company that specializes in .io games.