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Stickman Swing

This fearless daredevil is as brave as can be. Will you be able to keep him out of danger in Stickman Swing

He’s determined to reach the finish line in each exciting level of this stickman game. Join him while he uses his amazing grappling hook to fly through the air. He’ll be flinging it toward a series of platforms called hangers that will help him keep moving. With you lending him a hand, he’ll increase his chances of not getting stuck or, even worse, falling to his doom! 

How to play Stickman Swing?

Stickman Swing is a fun action game. Will you be able to prevent the daredevil from getting injured while he swings through the air, attempts to avoid rubber barriers, and more as he tries to reach the finish lines? 

Game controls 

  • USE THE MOUSE to determine when to use the hook.
  • LEFT CLICK to launch it towards a hanger.

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