• Pretentious Game
    Pretentious Game
    Can you handle the brainteasers in this sort of snobby game?
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  • Super Sneak
    Super Sneak
    You're a robber with a cause. Steal as much as you can, all in the name of love!
    Played 524 times
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  • Flappy Bird
    Flappy Bird
    Simple. Addictive. And REALLY, REALLY HARD. Tap to flap your wings and try not to kill the bird, OK?
    Played 455 times
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  • Snail Bob 5: Love Story
    Snail Bob 5: Love Story
    Snail Bob's come out of his shell, but his path to true love is paved with peril.
    Played 404 times
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  • Ironpants
    Flying is pretty tricky when you’re wearing pants made out of iron.
    Played 234 times
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  • Hamsterball
    Roll your hamster in his ball as quickly as you can to the finishing flag!
    Played 188 times
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  • 3d Frogger
    3d Frogger
    Maneuver your frog through the cars but dont hit any cars!
    Played 134 times
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  • Snail Bob 3
    Snail Bob 3
    HELP! Snail Bob is in a hot spot—the desert. You gotta get him out!
    Played 113 times
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  • Cyber Rush
    Cyber Rush
    You’ve been sucked into this strange computer game—can you find the way out?
    Played 110 times
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  • Rush Hour
    Rush Hour
    Help the little bear collect all the stars and progress to the next level!
    Played 108 times
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  • Snail Bob 6: Winter Story
    Snail Bob 6: Winter Story
    Help Snail Bob have a very merry Christmas by keeping him alive in this puzzle-ridden winter wonderl...
    Played 104 times
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  • Snail Bob 2
    Snail Bob 2
    Snail Bob's back—and it's grandpa's birthday party or bust!
    Played 99 times
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  • Run Chicken Run
    Run Chicken Run
    Witch's potion or savoury soup; either way, this chicken wants nothing to do with it!
    Played 76 times
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  • Drag Drop
    Drag Drop
    Drag the white hand to the "Drop Here" sign and avoid the obstacles!
    Played 58 times
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  • Crane
    Wind your way to the top of the construction site!
    Played 47 times
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  • Particles
    Move the blue ball and avoid the red balls for as long as you can.
    Played 46 times
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  • Thrill Rush
    Thrill Rush
    Hold on tight... it's gonna be a bumpy ride!
    Played 46 times
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  • Bad Jak
    Bad Jak
    Smashing pumpkins is a blast... until you meet Bad Jak: the pumpkin who smashes YOU!
    Played 44 times
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  • Snail Bob 4
    Snail Bob 4
    Put on your space suit and join Snail Bob on another crazy mission to save the planet!
    Played 43 times
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  • Flappy Bird 3D
    Flappy Bird 3D
    The infamous flying challenge is about to take on a whole new dimension. Are you ready for it?
    Played 42 times
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