Avoiding Games

  • Ninja Jump
    Ninja Jump
    Played 0 times

    Can you master the art of becoming a ninja? Test your skills and take control by only using one finger!

  • Dr. Atom & Quark: Flappy Christmas
    Dr. Atom & Quark: Flappy Christmas
    Played 821 times

    Fly with Quark through the festive merry sky to help him collect Christmas Stars. Watch out for the lights, cakes and other obstacles that can distract our flapping jolly doggy!

  • Crunching Ninjas
    Crunching Ninjas
    Played 166 times

    Choose your ninja and collect and munch on the delicious crunchy apples. Try to avoid the razor sharp ninja stars and traps and aim to beat your high score all the time. Ready to put your ninjutsu skills to the test?

  • Acidrain
    Played 28 times

    This brave explorer is trying to make his way back home through an exoctic jungle. He’ll have to overcome bubbling geysers filled with purple goo and other hazards along the way. To make things more complicated, the weather forecast is calling for acid rain! Can you keep him safe from all of these perils in this adventure game?

  • Refrigerator Rampage 1
    Refrigerator Rampage 1
    Played 235 times

    A massive storm of Refrigerators is coming from the sky! The weather report?! more refrigerators are going to fall from the clouds and smash this little funny stick man to pieces. Could you help him out avoiding the rain of appliances that are raining everywhere?

  • Smove Paradise
    Smove Paradise
    Played 225 times

    How long can you keep this treasure hunter out of harm's way while he grabs lots of precious gems?

  • Office Escaper: Stress Free
    Office Escaper: Stress Free
    Played 364 times

    John is trying to leave the office but his bosses won’t let him. Can you help him avoid working overtime?

  • Bloodungeon
    Played 52 times

    Prepare yourself for an old-fashioned adventure in this dark dungeon. Can you escape and conquer the current record?

  • Try hard
    Try hard
    Played 0 times

    Want in on all the rugged rugby action? Watch out for those big hit tackles and dodge your opponent while you speed ahead towards the finishing line to score your try! Choose your favorite team and be a world cup champion!

  • Run Jerry Run
    Run Jerry Run
    Played 0 times
  • Rugby Down Hero
    Rugby Down Hero
    Played 313 times

    This game combines the thrills of American football with the excitement of rugby. Can you become a hero on this perilous pitch?

  • Touchdown Blast
    Touchdown Blast
    Played 57 times
  • FlakBoy Escape
    FlakBoy Escape
    Played 295 times

    FlakBoy’s trapped in a dangerous factory. Can you help him survive a challenge worthy of Crossy Road?

  • Desert Roll
    Desert Roll
    Played 0 times

    This cool duck is on quite a roll! Help him gather coins while staying on his ball in this addicting mobile game.

  • Doraemon run dora run
    Doraemon run dora run
    Played 0 times
  • Sneaky Stanley
    Sneaky Stanley
    Played 0 times

    Stanley’s next caper? Nabbing tons of precious gems from this well-guarded skyscraper.

  • Waterslide Inferno
    Waterslide Inferno
    Played 137 times

    Building a waterpark on the side of an active volcano was a bad idea. Let’s rescue these swimmers and fast!

  • Robert the Scarecrow
    Robert the Scarecrow
    Played 17 times

    Awesome runner named Robert who is not only running like crazy, he also comes complete with upgradable running skills! Earn sweet achievements and fabulous upgrades as you run, jump, and fly Robert through his cool world! With excellent graphics and great game play, makes this endless running game perfect for all ages of gamers!

  • The First Winter Rain
    The First Winter Rain
    Played 382 times
  • Freddy Nightmare Run
    Freddy Nightmare Run
    Played 0 times
  • Downhill Derby
    Downhill Derby
    Played 124 times

    Help the guys to safely ride down the hill, collect coins, unlock new equipment and catch your moment of glory!

  • Hand Killer Cash
    Hand Killer Cash
    Played 35 times
  • ICS
    Played 193 times

    This scientist and sunlight don’t get along. Can you help him reach safety without literally burning up?

  • Fathom
    Played 127 times
  • Epic Fall
    Epic Fall
    Played 220 times

    Jack Hart was injured during his latest tomb raid. Can you help him return home in one piece?

  • Extreme Pamplona
    Extreme Pamplona
    Played 26 times

    A very angry bull is about to chase you through the arena. Will you reach the exit without getting gored?

  • Super Jetfighter: Blaster Edition
    Super Jetfighter: Blaster Edition
    Played 76 times

    Get down to the space port and fast! Another series of exciting missions is about to begin!

  • Super Castle Sprint
    Super Castle Sprint
    Played 121 times

    An angry skeleton is hot on your heels. Can you escape his clutches?

  • Werewolf Tycoon
    Werewolf Tycoon
    Played 52 times

    This furry chap is ready to sink his teeth into London. Let's hope that he brought along some dental floss...

  • Running Men
    Running Men
    Played 160 times

    Some global Corporation carries out professional development training for their managers. You play as one of these managers, who perform the tasks of training by means of guinea pigs.

  • General Smash Up
    General Smash Up
    Played 0 times

    Aliens are invading! And gorillas! And zombies as well! Can you handle all of ‘em?

  • Duck or Jump
    Duck or Jump
    Played 169 times

    Should you duck or jump? That's a question that will determine how far along this track you'll make it.

  • Watch Out 2
    Watch Out 2
    Played 26 times

    Watch Out 2 is the one of the most difficult and frustrating games you will ever come across.

  • Do Not Crash
    Do Not Crash
    Played 284 times

    How many laps can you complete without slamming into the other drivers on this race track?

  • The Line Game
    The Line Game
    Played 19 times

    This deceptively simple puzzle game only takes a second to learn but mastering it is much tougher.

  • Back to Zombieland
    Back to Zombieland
    Played 255 times

    All he wanted to do was unwind...but some pesky humans had to go and ruin his day off.

    • Timbermen Halloween
      Timbermen Halloween
      Played 358 times

      This lumberjack is having an ax-travagant Halloween. Timmmmmmmberrrrrr!

    • Abyss Walker: The Lost Island
      Abyss Walker: The Lost Island
      Played 11 times

      This ninja is travelling the world in search of adventure. Where should he head next?

    • Pyramid Run
      Pyramid Run
      Played 44 times

      Evil mummies are chasing you and they won't rest until you're dead. Gonna be another one of those days...

    • Submarine Dash
      Submarine Dash
      Played 55 times

      Dive into an underwater world full of beauty...and just a little bit of danger.

    • Dash Dash
      Dash Dash
      Played 2 times

      A mean owl is trying to make a meal out of these adorable critters. They’d better start running...

    • Vex 3
      Vex 3
      Played 910 times

      How is Vex gonna make it out of this jam? Join him as he heads off on another platform-filled romp.

    • Fishy Adventures
      Fishy Adventures
      Played 0 times

      This little guy is on a mad dash for treasure. We’re not quite sure where he’s going to put it all though...

    • Timbermen
      Played 176 times

      This lumberjack is feeling awfully choppy. How much of this tree can you and him take down?

    • Snail Bob 7: Fantasy Story
      Snail Bob 7: Fantasy Story
      Played 90 times

      Bob was up late reading fairy tales. Now his dreams are filled with dragons and wizards...

    • UFO Run: The Castle Tower
      UFO Run: The Castle Tower
      Played 13 times

      This intergalactic explorer has found himself in a dangerous castle. Will he make it out in one piece?

    • Mine Rescue
      Mine Rescue
      Played 49 times

      Only you can save the missing miners in this old-school adventure game.

    • Pretentious Game 3
      Pretentious Game 3
      Played 28 times

      This bride just learned that her husband is up to no good. Now she’s hopping mad!