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Troll Face Games

About our Troll Face games

It’s time to troll and be trolled in our Troll Face games! Will you be able to figure out the solution to every strange scenario in these funny and sometimes infuriating adventure games? The Troll Face series has been parodying many of the world’s most famous TV programs, films, video games, and internet memes for several years now. 

What are the Newest Troll Face Games?

Whether you spell the legendary prankster’s name as Trollface or Troll Face, you can join in the fun and start trolling in these funny puzzle games. You’ll be presented with a situation in each tricky level. The goal is to click on the right person or thing that will activate an outrageous outcome. The solution is rarely obvious, so you’ll definitely have to think outside the box. Dive into Trollface Quest: USA Adventure or Troll Face Quest: Video Memes. They’re two of the most popular games in the series, which has grown to include over 20 tremendously hilarious titles.