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Human Wheel

See if you can go on a roll in Human Wheel! How many challenging levels will you get through while you play this crazy online game?

Several obstacle courses are waiting for you in this somewhat strange 3D action game. You'll need to form a gigantic wheel out of a dozen or more people as you attempt to get through each one.

As you encounter gaps they’ll form themselves into a human bridge. Something similar will happen when you approach walls. They’ll stand on top of one another and create a ladder that might even lead you to a treasure chest! There's plenty of coins to grab along the way. Use those to unlock additional characters and more.

How to Play Human Wheel?

Human Wheel is an unusual and incredibly fun skill game. Create wheels made out of people as you attempt to cross gaps and climb up gigantic walls in each level. Watch out, though! You’ll lose people each time you overcome an obstacle. Can you gather enough of them to reach every finish line?

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to guide your human wheel through each obstacle course.

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Who Developed Human Wheel?

Human Wheel was created by 2Play.