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I Like Pizza

Will you get through each level of I Like Pizza? See how many delightfully delicious ones you can make in this totally outrageous pizza game!

Making and baking each pizza won’t be easy. Instead of using a kitchen, you’ll be zooming through an obstacle course lined with all sorts of crazy traps and obstacles! There’s also lots of yummy ingredients and helpful machines out there as well. How many hot and tasty pizzas can you deliver to the chef waiting for you just beyond every finish line in this unusual culinary racing game?

How to Play I Like Pizza?

I Like Pizza is a weird and wacky cooking game. Make and bake pizzas as you maneuver your way down a complex obstacle course in every level. You’ll earn lots of money if you can deliver several pizzas to the chef on the other side of each finish line. 

Game Controls

USE EITHER THE ARROW KEYS OR THE MOUSE to travel through each obstacle course.

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Who Developed I Like Pizza?

I Like Pizza was created by 2Play.