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Mr. Bean: Solitaire Adventure

Get ready to go on a road trip in Mr. Bean: Solitaire Adventure. Tag along with him as he explores America in this Mr. Bean game.

Mr. Bean is a little low on money and, without you lending him a hand, he probably won't be able to make it much further than New York City. Fortunately, there's tons of cash to be made by playing Solitaire. Unfortunately, Mr. Bean isn't very good at card games and would rather focus on getting all the way to the West Coast.

Could you help him out and make sure he doesn't find himself in any trouble? If you get stuck, just click on a Mr. Bean Wild Card. Those will help you match and remove all the cards from the table in each level.

How to Play Mr. Bean: Solitaire Adventure?

Join the famous but rather hapless and clumsy British comedy character on a whirlwind adventure through the USA! Help him earn tons of money by playing solitaire games during his holiday. You can match up a card with another that is immediately higher or lower in rank. For example, a queen can be matched with a king or a jack before they’re removed from the table. Once you've matched up all the cards, you can move on to the next level.

 Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to match and remove cards.

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Who Developed Mr. Bean: Solitaire Adventure?

Mr. Bean: Solitaire Adventure was created by gamebake.