Friv Games

  • Daily Hidden Object
    Daily Hidden Object
    Played 18512 times

    See how much treasure you can find in the dusty corners of this old boutique.

  • Daily Jigsaw
    Daily Jigsaw
    Played 6185 times

    Get your daily dose of jigsaw fun with each one of these puzzles.

  • Back to Santaland: Snow in Paradise
    Back to Santaland: Snow in Paradise
    Played 1043 times

    It appears to be snowing on this tropical island. Enjoy the weather while you link together all of these Christmas ornaments.

  • Dream Pet Link
    Dream Pet Link
    Played 6984 times

    Connect identical tiles to clear the board.

  • Jewel Quest
    Jewel Quest
    Played 23784 times

    Head off on a tropical journey as you connect each of these mysterious gems.

  • Shape Inlay
    Shape Inlay
    Played 1132 times

    The clock is ticking away and the pieces keep coming! Can you use your artistic skills to fill the board!?

  • Bubble Hit: Halloween
    Bubble Hit: Halloween
    Played 4358 times

    Burst these bubbles with a haunting pop!

  • Bubble Machine
    Bubble Machine
    Played 13479 times

    In this exciting competition you have to eliminate coloured bubbles with your bubble canon.

  • Dream Love Link
    Dream Love Link
    Played 1661 times

    Link up these Mahjong lovelies!

  • Kindergarten
    Played 12603 times

    Keep the babies happy by fulfilling their needs as fast as you can.

  • Digging Diamonds
    Digging Diamonds
    Played 1378 times

    Dig through the dirt for a diamond in the rough.

  • Harvest Honors
    Harvest Honors
    Played 25242 times

    This strategic multiplayer match-three game is fertile ground for cultivating your competitive spirit!

  • Uphill Rush
    Uphill Rush
    Played 870 times

    Race your bike, truck, quad or skateboard over hills and obstacles and finish each level without falling.

  • The Legend of El Dorado
    The Legend of El Dorado
    Played 1946 times

    Join Dr. von Hutten and his party on an expedition through the South American rainforest in The Legend of El Dorado Deluxe. The map of the Conquistadores shows you the way to the Sun Temples. Does the gold of El Dorado really exist or is it nothing but a myth? Use your skills and strategy and seek out the gold in this adventure!

    Played 18185 times

    A new version of the super popular game is available now! This time with very colorful slithers! Grow as big as you can and block the way of other slithers to kill them.

  • Dream Christmas Link
    Dream Christmas Link
    Played 1817 times

    Match your way to a very merry Christmas!

  • S’more Words
    S’more Words
    Played 4044 times

    Use the letters to make as many different words as you can and see if you can achieve the top score!

  • Parking Training
    Parking Training
    Played 1913 times

    Can you park your car in these spots? You’ll have to use your reversing skills to avoid hitting anything!

  • Let's Fish!
    Let's Fish!
    Played 6449 times

    It's a battle to snag these ginormous fish...YOU'RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BOAT!

  • 3D Mountain Bike
    3D Mountain Bike
    Played 1471 times

    Get the first-person view of this mountain-biking action!

  • Sniper Assassin
    Sniper Assassin
    Played 957 times

    He may look like an ordinary stick man but he’s one of the world’s deadliest killers.

  • Family Barn
    Family Barn
    Played 70247 times

    Be the master of moo in your own delicious dairy adventure!

  • Back to Santaland: Christmas is Coming
    Back to Santaland: Christmas is Coming
    Played 2425 times

    Match up the ornaments as you travel through this winter wonderland.

  • Slumber Party
    Slumber Party
    Played 1424 times

    Time for gossip, facials and manicures! But keep it down, or you'll wake up you know who...

  • Papa's Freezeria
    Papa's Freezeria
    Played 1333 times

    Papa's new ice cream parlour has opened its doors! Ready to scoop treats for hordes of cruise-ship tourists?

  • Fidget Spinner
    Fidget Spinner
    Played 15801 times

    The Fidget Spinner is the latest hype around the world. Everyone wants to buy a Fidget Spinner, and in no time all stores are selling many different kind of spinner toys. Games are no different! In this spinner game you will need to spin to win! You can play this online spinner game with many types of different colored Fidget Spinners, just like the one you are holding in your hand right now. You can also modify your spinner and add some cool features before you give it a few spins. Try to earn a high score in this crazy-addictive fidget spinner game! Spin the toy as many times as you can, earn coins and buy upgrades! How many times can you make it go around and around in this silly action game?

  • Snail Bob
    Snail Bob
    Played 1168 times

    Help this slimy but spirited snail make the journey to his sparkling new abode!

  • Bubblez
    Played 2843 times

    If you like bursting bubbles then this is the game for you!

  • Woobies
    Played 1027 times

    These adorable little fur balls are trapped! Use your aim and skill to free them and be the Woobies' hero!

  • Slime Maker
    Slime Maker
    Played 2026 times

    It’s slime time! Grab all of the virtual ingredients you’ll need along with a bowl to put them in. Can you create some slime that looks super gross and super cool too?

  • Power Pong
    Power Pong
    Played 931 times

    Choose among 3 levels and enjoy this entertaining pingpong game!

    Played 2527 times

    How long will you last in this cute io game? Lead this little mouse while he tries to collect food and water. Can you keep him safe from the other rodents so he can grow up big and strong?

  • Papa's Sushiria
    Papa's Sushiria
    Played 3991 times

    During a tour of Papa’s newest restaurant, you accidentally broke his very expensive Fortune Kitty. You’ll need to work a few shifts in order to pay for the damage in this time management game. Jump behind the counter, put on an apron and help Papa’s customers as fast as you can. You’ll need to make them sushi, bubble tea and much more!

  • Love Tester
    Love Tester
    Played 638 times

    Are you in love? Enter your names and check if you match with each other!

  • 1001 Arabian Nights 5: Sinbad the Seaman
    1001 Arabian Nights 5: Sinbad the Seaman
    Played 1258 times

    Return to ancient Arabia for another exciting adventure. And this time, Sinbad’s coming along too...

  • 1001 Arabian Nights 2
    1001 Arabian Nights 2
    Played 1651 times

    Step into the magical world of Arabia—and help Scheherazade tell her tale before sunrise...