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Ludo Legend

Have you got what it takes to master Ludo Legend? It’s a fun and addictive online version of the classic game Ludo.

Ludo Legend will let you challenge three of your friends, loved ones, colleagues, or anyone you know who loves to play ludo games. Find out if you can get each one of your four tokens all the way around the board and into your finishing square before they do.

Ludo was inspired by Pachisi, a game from India that dates all the way back to the 6th century that’s had a major influence on several other more recent board games. Parcheesi and Sorry are just two of them. Ludo is one of the most simple and easy to learn versions, but there’s still a lot of strategy involved. Roll the dice during each one of your turns and discover if you can make the correct choices that will get all of your tokens to the finishing square.

How to play Ludo Legend?

The goal of Ludo Legend is to get all of your tokens to the finishing square before your opponents get their own tokens to the square.

Game controls

  • USE THE MOUSE while you decide which token to use during each turn.
  • LEFT CLICK to roll the dice and select tokens.


  • Traditional rules and gameplay.
  • Customisable player names.
  • Play against one, two, or even three additional players.

What are the Tips and Tricks for Ludo Legend?

  • Higher dice rolls should be used to move the pieces that are nearest to your finishing square.
  • You may want to use smaller dice rolls to move pieces that are nearest to your yard.
  • Landing on another opponent’s token will send it back to their yard and delay their progress.
  • Remove each one of your tokens from the yard as quickly as you can and get them moving.

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Who Developed Ludo Legend?

Ludo Legend was created by Inlogic, a company that produces other wonderful HTML5 games as well.