• Run 2
    Run 2
    It’s all about movement in this fast-paced, and endless, runner. Are you gonna choose shoes or skate...
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  • Pandesal Boy
    Pandesal Boy
    All he wanted to do was earn a little extra cash...but now he’s on an awfully big adventure.
    Played 308 times
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  • LocoRoco 2
    LocoRoco 2
    Control the roll to bring a little colour to the world with your wobbly blob!
    Played 300 times
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  • Headless Zombie
    Headless Zombie
    A wicked magician killed Carl and took his castle...but there’s one thing he wasn’t counting on: ZOM...
    Played 291 times
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  • Floaty Jump
    Floaty Jump
    Float into a crazy world where the normal rules of gravity don’t even apply…
    Played 271 times
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  • Hungry Hedg
    Hungry Hedg
    Chomp your way through lots and lots of really delicious.......BUGS! Because you're a hedgehog, afte...
    Played 137 times
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  • Panda Run
    Panda Run
    Join Panda on a mad dash to collect jewels and clear the jungle. You may bear-ly make it out alive!
    Played 131 times
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  • Frizzle Fraz
    Frizzle Fraz
    Bouncy, friendly Big Frizzle to the rescue! Help him save the little critters and collect all the ke...
    Played 104 times
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  • Recursion
    Your spaceship has crashed down on a strange, alien world. What adventures await?
    Played 100 times
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  • Frizzle Fraz 4
    Frizzle Fraz 4
    Grab a jacket 'cause our fuzzy-wuzzy hero is headed to the Arctic to save all of his fuzzy-wuzzy fri...
    Played 93 times
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  • Dyna Boy
    Dyna Boy
    This guy definitely has an explosive personality. Help him blast his way out of this cave.
    Played 88 times
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  • Art Attack
    Art Attack
    This is a Super Sushi Pack Mission: recover the stolen paintings and jewels and save Wharf City!
    Played 83 times
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  • Head Hates Gears
    Head Hates Gears
    Time to head back to the grind...
    Played 74 times
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  • Rogue Soul
    Rogue Soul
    Steal to eat—and to be the star of all the realm's MOST WANTED posters.
    Played 70 times
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  • Drago Adventure
    Drago Adventure
    Harness the powers of the elements to unleash this small dragon’s great strength!
    Played 69 times
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  • Frizzle Fraz 3
    Frizzle Fraz 3
    The Frizzles are back for a whole new adventure.
    Played 61 times
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  • Mirror's Edge
    Mirror's Edge
    As a fanatica runner, the world above the city is your track and you defy gravity!
    Played 58 times
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  • Haunt the House
    Haunt the House
    You’ll need all of your best scares to win back your home from this group of meddlesome mortals.
    Played 47 times
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  • Pony Adventure
    Pony Adventure
    Giddy up, girl! Lasso that horse!
    Played 45 times
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  • Starryland
    Can you use your stellar skills to help Mitta bring light back to his world?
    Played 30 times
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