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Dino Digg

Step into the role of an archeologist in Dino Digg. Explore the archaeological site, dig for dinosaur bones, and get them ready for display with your chisels and brushes.

How to play Dino Digg?

First, you will have to find the bones. Move your stickman archeologist to the dig site and start hewing away at the rocks to uncover the bones.

Some bones will come out of the ground relatively clean, but others will be caked in hardened dirt. Head to your tent and start chipping away at the crusts of calcified clay with your chisel. Then use your brush to clean off the finer particles of sand and dust.

Once the bones are clean, you can assemble them to create complete dinosaur skeletons. When these well-preserved skeletons are fully assembled, they will be moved to the museum’s gallery and displayed to droves of excited visitors.

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to play
  • Your character will switch tools automatically
  • Swipe across the dirty sections of the bones to clean them

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Who created Dino Digg?

Dino Digg was created by Seryas Games.

When was Dino Digg first released?

This game was first released on January 17, 2024.