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Earn lots of points and proudly display your artistic talents in Gartic.io

It’s a competitive drawing game. You’ll be taking turns while you challenge your friends or other players from around the world. Will you be able to determine what they’re drawing? Can they figure out what you’re up to as well? It’s time to find out in this fun guessing game. 

You can challenge other gamers in a public room or set up a private one for your friends. There’s also themed rooms you can try out as well. Find out how well you can illustrate characters from popular TV shows, random stuff from your favourite video games, and lots more! 

How to play Gartic.io? 

Gartic.io is a fast-paced multiplayer game. Take turns at the drawing board while you challenge other players. You’ll be able to earn tons of points if you can quickly and correctly guess what they’re creating. 

Game controls 


  • USE THE MOUSE to choose various colours of paint and more. 
  • LEFT CLICK AND DRAG to draw on the board. 


  • USE THE KEYBOARD to type in guesses or post a comment in the chat box.

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Who developed Gartic.io? 

Gartic.io was created by Gartic, believe it or not!

Can I play Gartic.io on mobile? 

Absolutely! You can find it on both Google Play and the Apple App Store

Need help? watch our Walkthrough for this game.

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