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Charge Now

Keeping a smartphone's battery fully charged can sometimes be downright irritating. Will you be able to figure out how to power up the ones in Charge Now?

It's a fun and challenging logic game. You’ll need to find different ways to plug in not just phones but laptops, monitors, and even robotic vacuum cleaners in order to recharge or power them. Use items like hairdryers to gain access to electrical outlets and solar chargers. You'll even have to activate a few automated gates to clear the way for your cords.

How to Play Charge Now?

Charge Now is a unique online puzzle game. Try to plug in each one of the electronic devices to recharge or power them.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to look for ways to access the chargers and outlets.
  • LEFT CLICK to use various items.

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Who Developed Charge Now?

Charge Now was developed by BPTop.