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Virtual Families: Cook Off

Harry and Camilla definitely have their work cut out for them. Could you lend them a hand in Virtual Families: Cook Off?

Camilla’s grandfather recently passed away and left them his mansion. It's the home of their dreams! Unfortunately, a dastardly lawyer is insisting they pay a huge fee before they move in and begin renovating it. To cover the costs, they're determined to turn their backyard food cart into a huge success. Can you help Harry and Camilla out in this exciting time management game? They’ll be making everything from burgers to sushi!

They’ll have to juggle their duties at the cart on top of a few renovation projects they’ve also been working on in this exciting cooking game. Help them keep their customers happy and fix up old homes while they earn bonuses and steadily collect the cash they need to pay off the lawyer.

How to Play Virtual Families: Cook Off?

Team up with Harry and Camilla while they earn the money they need to move into her grandfather's old mansion in this simulation game. They’ll need your help at their food cart and while they work on a series of renovation projects.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to navigate the menus and look for items and tools.
  • LEFT CLICK to use them and make various choices.

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Can I Play Virtual Families: Cook Off?

Absolutely! You can enjoy Virtual Families: Cook Off via both Google Play and the  Apple App Store.

Who Developed Virtual Families: Cook Off?

Gogii Games created Virtual Families: Cook Off.