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Stupid Zombies

This region has a major zombie infestation. You know what to do, right? Get to work in Stupid Zombies!

Fortunately, these undead bozos aren't too smart. They mostly just stand around, which will make eliminating them easy in this zombie game. However, you're low on ammo.

You'll have to carefully plan each shot while you look for clever ways to use both your limited resources and random stuff like crates and explosive barrels. Your bullets can also ricochet off walls and other objects. Can you send these pesky monsters back to their graves?

How to Play Stupid Zombies?

Will you be able to defeat the undead in every level of Stupid Zombies? You’ll need to figure out how to eliminate them despite your meager supplies. You can also collect daily bonuses and better ammo during your epic adventure.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to aim.
  • LEFT CLICK to shoot.

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Who Developed Stupid Zombies?

Stupid Zombies was created by MarketJS.

Can I Play Stupid Zombies on Mobile?

Indeed! It's available via both Google Play and the Apple App Store