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Drawer Super Racer

If you want to win you'll have to start scribbling in Drawer Super Racer. Will your runner be the first one to reach the finish lines in this crazy running game?

Team up with one or more runners in this challenging and really funny racing game. There's just one problem with each one of them, though. They haven't got any legs! Well, at least not yet. Quickly draw them some before their next competition begins. You may need to change them as they encounter stairs and other obstacles located along each track, though!

How to Play Drawer Super Racer?

Drawer Super Racer is a unique drawing game where you’ll need to illustrate legs for a runner participating in a racing competition. You may need to alter them as they continue along each track and deal with various obstacles. There's also coins you can collect to unlock other characters and buy new sneakers for them.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to draw or modify each character's legs.

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Who Developed Drawer Super Racer?

Drawer Super Racer was created by Seryas Games.