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Candy Match

Candy Match is a match-3 game with progressive levels plotted along an extensive level map. The game has over 2000 unique levels. Collect the right pieces of candy, break the biscuit tiles, open treasure chests, and more!

How to play Candy Match?

The player must create row or columns with three or more of the same sweets to collect them. You can do this by swapping two adjacent icons, but only if the move results in a valid match. This will clear the candy from the board, leaving room for new sugary treats to tumble down and fill the empty slots.

In each level, the player has to complete a specific objective within a given number of moves. The objectives are displayed at the start of every level, and in a panel across the top of the screen while you play each puzzle. These include tasks like collecting specific types of candy, breaking away the biscuits by making match-3 combinations using the candy placed on top, or shattering the sheets of ice by lining up matching sweets in the adjacent squares.

As you continue to travel down the winding path on the level map, you'll also discover new boosters to help you tackle each level. Play Candy Match now and test your candy-matching skills!

Game Controls

Tap or click on a piece of candy and drag it to a neighboring cell to make them swap places.

Who created Candy Match?

Candy Match was created by Agame.

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Release Date

This updated version of Candy Match was published on March 24, 2023.