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Battle Cars

Get ready to rumble in Battle Cars!

Head into a colossal fight to the finish in this racing game. Blast past your opponents as you try to grab as many weapons and upgrades as you can during your journey to the arena. Once you're inside, the battle will begin. Fortunately, your weapons are fully automated so you’ll be able to focus on driving. 

You’ll live to fight another day, and  move on to another level, if you can outwit and outlast your fearsome opponents. There's also tons of coins you can earn to trade for new skins, different vehicles, and more.

How to Play Battle Cars?

Battle Cars is a thrilling action game. Take control of a deadly dune buggy and use awesome weapons to attack your opponents in a dangerous arena.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK AND HOLD to take control of your vehicle.
  • USE THE MOUSE to drive it in various directions.

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Who Developed Battle Cars?

Battle Cars was created by