Arcade Games

  • Bad Ice Cream
    Bad Ice Cream
    Played 134 times

    This ice cream is bad to the cone! Help it to gobble and collect tasty fruits and treats, break blocks of ice and face hungry enemies as you avoid being flattened!

  • CraneItUp
    Played 15 times

    It is so hard to grab that special toy or teddy with a claw machine at the store, right? Well, no more! Crane it up right here for free and try as many times as you like to get the perfect toy. Earn extra tokens to buy upgrades and powers and avoid the green teddies. Wait, you grabbed a mystery box? Maybe it has special powers? Hurry, time is ticking.

  • Zoo Pinball
    Zoo Pinball
    Played 20 times

    Prepare yourself for a pinball game that’s quite wild. A group of friendly lions, tigers and other exotic animals are waiting to find out if you can handle all the twists and turns in their wonderful machine. There’s even a monkey or two in there as well. How long can you prevent all of your silver balls from slipping past the flippers?

  • Snake Escape
    Snake Escape
    Played 41 times
  • Bad Ice Cream 3
    Bad Ice Cream 3
    Played 353 times

    Break blocks of ice, and eat the fruit to win! Bad Ice-Cream 3 lets you play as vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry frozen treats. You will face hungry animals and monsters in 40 icy levels. Create your own icy barriers for protection!

  • Bad Ice Cream 2
    Bad Ice Cream 2
    Played 86 times

    This rude dude isn’t bad to the bone, he’s bad to the cone. Help him gobble up tons of tasty treats.

  • Cheese Dash Ninja
    Cheese Dash Ninja
    Played 167 times
  • UFO: Blackstorm Shield
    UFO: Blackstorm Shield
    Played 20 times
  • Fantasy Pinball
    Fantasy Pinball
    Played 37 times
  • Avalanche
    Played 285 times

    Only you can help this penguin reunite with his family.

  • Jumpanda
    Played 43 times

    This bouncing bear has just found himself in a pinball machine. Let's help him gobble up all of this tasty fruit!

  • Pinball Football
    Pinball Football
    Played 26 times

    This crazy machine mixes football with pinball.

  • Grapple Cat
    Grapple Cat
    Played 143 times

    A gigantic wave is going to hit this kitty unless you move quickly!

  • Dig to China
    Dig to China
    Played 23 times

    This very determined miner is heading to the Far East the hard way.

  • El Papel
    El Papel
    Played 450 times

    Stretch El Macho Hernandez neck to solve 40+ puzzles and help him get the precious toilet paper that his arch enemy stole!

  • Juicy Stack 2
    Juicy Stack 2
    Played 58 times

    The jellies are back for another exciting series of stacking challenges.

  • Cake Tower
    Cake Tower
    Played 15 times

    How high can you build your yummy cake tower? The clock!

  • Hanna in a Choppa 2
    Hanna in a Choppa 2
    Played 13 times

    Hanna’s back…and she still hasn't perfected the art of flying.

  • Hanna in a Choppa
    Hanna in a Choppa
    Played 681 times

    Master your mad flying skillz and show these levels who’s boss!

  • Battalion Commander 2
    Battalion Commander 2
    Played 112 times

    It’s you vs. a million bad guys. Easy-peasy! Grab some weapons and get to work.

  • Bad Piggies 2
    Bad Piggies 2
    Played 17 times

    These piggies are desperate to reach their goal. They’ll happily climb into any vehicle you make for them!

  • Sweetland
    Played 1 times

    Sweet tooth? You’ve come to the right place! Can you have your cake and eat it too?

  • Waste Invaders
    Waste Invaders
    Played 22 times

    Take control of a supersonic jet and lay waste to an armada of evil aliens.

  • Red Remover
    Red Remover
    Played 16 times

    In the raging battle between the red blocks and the green blocks, who will prove victorious?

  • Super Stacker 2
    Super Stacker 2
    Played 19 times

    Can you stack the shapes without letting them tumble down?

  • Slip Slide Sloth
    Slip Slide Sloth
    Played 1 times

    Swing these sloths to some sweet smooching!

  • Pipe Riders
    Pipe Riders
    Played 16 times

    Let's see how deep the rabbit hole goes...

  • Rebuild the Temple 2
    Rebuild the Temple 2
    Played 1 times

    Who says it's easier to tear something down than to build it up?!

  • Save the Tofu
    Save the Tofu
    Played 1 times

    Rescue these soybean sweeties from a greasy fate...

  • Rebuild the Temple
    Rebuild the Temple
    Played 1 times

    Block by block... Rome wasn't built in a day.

  • Gold Rush
    Gold Rush
    Played 48 times

    Keep it off the ground if you want to turn that frown upside down.

  • Dogs!
    Played 6 times

    Build a barking bastion of bone-seeking bow wow!

  • Tower Builder
    Tower Builder
    Played 1 times

    The sky's the limit!

  • Freaky Cows
    Freaky Cows
    Played 21 times

    Float these batty bovines to freedom!

  • Balanz 2: Time Trials
    Balanz 2: Time Trials
    Played 1 times

    Balance these blocks to build your way to the top!

  • Lofty Tower 2
    Lofty Tower 2
    Played 15 times

    Lift these lofty towers up to sky-scraping heights!

    • Lofty Tower
      Lofty Tower
      Played 36 times

      Reach up high for the stars in the sky—but don't let your tower topple down!

    • Critter Cubes
      Critter Cubes
      Played 1 times

      It's too cold for the critters, so help them board the boat to a better climate!

    • Aequilibrium 2
      Aequilibrium 2
      Played 13 times

      Tip the scales, but not the balance!

    • Street Avenger
      Street Avenger
      Played 4 times

      Kick and claw your way to vengeance!

    • Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing
      Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing
      Played 1 times

      Plunge into a paradisiacal pond and get farming!

    • Tiki Stacker
      Tiki Stacker
      Played 2 times

      Topple the Tiki gods off of their pedestal in this statue stacking challenge!

    • Arcade Baseball
      Arcade Baseball
      Played 23 times

      Just landing a hit won't cut it; you need accuracy and precision in this ball game!

    • Traffic Madness Waterways
      Traffic Madness Waterways
      Played 2 times

      Master the roads where sea and street meet, if you can take the traffic heat.

    • Towerburg
      Played 1 times

      Build your king his frontier settlement one tower at a time; your kingdom is depending on you!

    • Jungle Tower
      Jungle Tower
      Played 1 times

      Block-stacking madness set to a jungle beat!

    • Dancing Model Dress Up
      Dancing Model Dress Up
      Played 1 times

      Can you keep up with the fast pace of the fashion industry?

    • Drive 'Em Up
      Drive 'Em Up
      Played 2 times

      It's a road warrior's freeway, and you're in the fast lane heading towards maximum destruction.