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Special Squad Vs Zombies

The undead are on the move and this small town is where they’re planning to begin their next feeding frenzy! Protect it at all costs in Special Squad vs. Zombies

This brave team of commandos is the only thing standing between these ravenous monsters and the town’s defenseless citizens. If you enjoy humorous action games like Plants vs. Zombies that are only a little bit scary and require you to use your resources wisely, you’ll get a big kick out of this thrilling shooting game. Special Squad will be going up against the zombies with only a few guns and not much ammunition. 

You’ll have to make smart and very quick decisions in order to keep them from getting mauled in this fast-paced killing game. Place the commandos in the right spots and make sure they stay healthy and well supplied during each level as they fight these pesky zombies. 

How to play Special Squad vs. Zombies? 

Special Squad vs. Zombies is an exciting online game that puts you in charge of a group of commandos defending a small community from the undead. Make quick and smart choices while you keep them supplied.

Game controls 

  • MOVE THE MOUSE to send each commando into battle, refill their ammo, and make other decisions. 
  • LEFT CLICK to confirm these choices.

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Who developed Special Squad vs. Zombies?

Special Squad vs. Zombies was created by the game designer Alexander Sivatsky.

Can I play Special Squad vs. Zombies on mobile? 

Yes! It’s currently available on the Apple App Store.