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Sorcerer Mahjong Marvels

Sorcerer Mahjong Marvels is an enchanting solitaire mahjong game with 60 levels full of magical artifacts to match and collect.

How to play Sorcerer Mahjong Marvels?

Collect the enchanted artifacts by combining the matching mahjong tiles. You can only use the open tiles, however. These are the tiles that are not hemmed in by other tiles on the same layer on both the left and right side.

In other words, as long as a tile can slide out on either the right or left side, you can use it to create a combination.

A Tip from our Players:

While the dark background and the dark color of the tiles add to the mysterious ambiance of the game, this does make it more difficult to tell apart the different layers of the tile arrangements. If you’re having trouble discerning the separate layers, try increasing the brightness of your screen to make the colors stand out more.

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Who created Sorcerer Mahjong Marvels?

Sorcerer Mahjong Marvels was created by Lof Games. 

When was Sorcerer Mahjong Marvels first released?

This game was first released on April 5, 2024.