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Home Pin 2

Home Pin 2 is a pull-the-pin puzzle for everyone who has been frustrated by those fake game ads. Help the mother and her baby take shelter in a mysterious mansion. Keep out the cold and start restoring the mysterious mansion.

Have you ever seen the ads for a puzzle game in which you must rescue the mother and her child from the cold after her cruel ex-husband abandons them… only to find the game was not as advertised?! 

Look no further, because this is the REAL version of that puzzle game!

How to play Home Pin 2?

The mother and child have been thrown out onto the street by her spiteful, cheating ex-husband and his heartless new wife. It’s winter, and they have no money to find a new home. In each puzzle, you must help them take shelter from the elements in a deserted mansion full of mysteries.

With each puzzle, you can improve the circumstances of the female protagonist and her baby. Pull out the pins in the right order to collect firewood, keys, money, and other items you need to enter the mansion and restore the chilly rooms. 

Avoid dropping the items that can cause damage, and make sure the items fall through the right tube. Collect baby formula, and warmer clothing to keep your heroes safe, and restore the giant mansion to its former glory.


This game previously had a save data issue, which has now been resolved. Your progress will be saved automatically. 

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Who created Home Pin 2?

Home Pin 2 was created by Gamee JSC. 

When was Home Pin 2 first released?

This game was first released on April 4, 2024.